NOTE: Commentary By Knuckles “The Wonder Dog”

The Way I See it...

The Way I See it…

Well, now we have it. Today is April 1st. It’s also known as “All Fools’ Day,” which falls on the first of April each year and every year, millions try to prank and fool their friends and loved ones. Take this as a “Public Service Announcement” but BEWARE OF GOOFS, PRANKS & JOKES today! Don’t let your guard down! Mark Twain once said: “The 1st of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year…Let’s be thankful for the fools, but for them the rest of us could not succeed.” Be warned, every amateur “Prankster” will be out in force today.

It used to be that pranks had to be completed in the morning in most English-speaking countries. Pranks later in the day became frowned upon, but that custom seems to have gone by the wayside and the whole day is now considered fair game for joking. In France, April 1st is known as “Poisson d ‘Avril,” which translates to “April Fish.” Kids tape paper fish to their friends’ backs. April Fools’ pranks are only played in the morning in England & Canada. Meanwhile, in Scotland, the event lasts two days. Tricks are played on both days, with a focus on pranks aimed at people’s bums, or bottoms. This is said to be where the “Kick Me” sign originated, along with the term “Butt of The Joke.”

Not all pranks are as simple and effective as a paper “Kick Me” sign taped to one’s back. April Fools’ Day has seen it’s share of some expensive and notable pranks over the years. Taco Bell announced on April 1, 1996, it purchased the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and would rename it the “Taco Liberty Bell.” In 1998, Burger King cooked up a whopper of a prank. In a full-page ad in USA Today, Burger King announced a solution for the 1.4 million left-handed customers visiting their restaurants each day: the “Left Handed Whopper.” Burger King said all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees, to suit the left-handed burger connoisseur. The very next day, Southpaws eagerly converged on Burger Kings nation wide, in search of this fast food breakthrough!


april fools nut canLook, you know I am a Dachshund. I like a good joke as much as the next guy and not all pranks are on a grand scale. Given today is April Fools’ April Fools Day ImageDay, I just feel compelled to warn of impending¬† jokes, false stories and some classic gags. REMEMBER: Please don’t sit down on any seat without checking for a “Whoopie Cushion.” REMEMBER: If your friend or family member offers you some Peanuts in a Can, be prepared for 10 feet of SNAKES to jump out at you. REMEMBER: Please don’t fall for the annual “Rubber Poop” trick on your favorite carpet. (Personally, I don’t appreciate this “Canine Profiling” with this one…) Lastly, PLEASE DO NOT, I repeat, PLEASE DO NOT let anyone approach, who asks you to “PULL MY FINGER!” As always, that’s the way I see it and I stand by my opinion.


Don't Do It!

Don’t Do It!


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