NOTE:  Commentary By Knuckles “The Wonder Dog”

Mother's Day 2


Well, now we have it. This Sunday is May 11th, but more notably, it is MOTHER’S DAY!  When you stop and think of it, Mother’s Day is one of the most intriguing days of the entire year. Is Mother’s Day considered a National Holiday, where Offices close and Manufacturing Plants shut down? My answer is no. It’s not like Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day or the “4th of July” or Labor Day. What Mother’s Day IS, IS a day of opportunity! For those of us lucky enough to still have our Mothers, it’s an opportunity to revisit “the good times” and say Thank You. For those of us not as lucky, it’s still an opportunity to take a moment to fondly remember.

Mother's Day 4

You can say THANK YOU to your Mother in so many ways this Sunday. Popular notions include a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed, a box of chocolates, a family photograph or a fancy dinner out. More simplistic ideas include a personal visit from you with a Hallmark card. For those of us who can, the most simplistic effort is to simply pick up your phone and CALL YOUR MOTHER! Tell her how much you love and appreciate her,  JUST  for being your Mom.  This Sunday is an opportunity for each of us, and opportunity is knocking.

Mother's Day 5

Look, you know I am just a Dachshund. I hate to go all “cerebral” on you, but I wish to share the following unacknowledged quote: ” To the world, a Mother might just be one person, but to each person; a Mother might just be the world…”   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Mother's Day 1

Please Enjoy Your Breakfast!



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